Terms and Conditions |30 Days Mattress Trial Policy | Foam Mattress

30 Days trial policy

We are sure you will fall in love with the Sleep Ninja mattress! After all it’s made with the master of zen’s curated technique!

If you ultimately decide your Sleep ninja mattress is not right for you, within the first 30 nights from the date of delivery, we will do our best to ensure that the return process is as hassle- free as possible. As the body takes time to adjust with a new mattress, we ask that you should sleep on your new Sleep Ninja mattress for at least 20 nights before you make a final decision to return.

Sleep Ninja 30 nights Trial offer is crafted with the objective of giving customers the opportunity to try out our mattress for 30 nights at the comfort of their own homes. In an unlikely situation of the mattress not being perfect for you, we are happy to take the mattress back and give you a 100% refund.

Exceptions To Return/Refund Under 30 Nights Trial Offer

To ensure that the offer is not being misused, we have identified some exceptions to the 30 nights Trial Offer which are as below.

1. Improper usage or physical damage to the mattress. You are expected to return the Sleep Ninja mattress in a good condition.
2. Any severe liquid spillage, stains, dirt or damage is found on the mattress during the inspection process will cancel the refund policy.
3. If the mattress is used on an improper surface or placed on an uneven bed without proper support.
4. If the mattress is found to be exposed to cold / hot temperatures for a period of time that causes the materials to tear or permanently deform.
5. If the customer opts a return due to incorrect Mattress Size Order. It is always recommended to cross check the size before placing the order.

Terms & Conditions For 30 nights Trial Offer

1. 30 nights Trial is applicable only on standard size mattresses. Non-standard size mattresses does not fall under 30 nights Trial Offer.
2. In case any freebies are provided with order, the refund will be after deducting the freebie cost.
3. In case the product falls under Exception to Return/Refund under 30 nights Trial offer will be not be applicable.
4. Our 30 nights Trial offer applies only to original purchaser of genuine Sleep Ninja Mattress purchased from www.sleepninja.co.in or any other website authorised by Sleep Ninja.
5. This policy is limited to one return per household per year.
6. Please retain a copy of your purchase invoice as proof of purchase. You’ll need to submit this to make a refund claim, without it, Sleep Ninja reserves the right to reject any claim under 30 nights Trial Offer.
7. We require you to supply photographs of the mattress while opting for a return. Failure to send appropriate photographs may result in return request being cancelled.
8. The return requests must be exercised directly with Sleep Ninja no later than the 31st day from the date of delivery of the mattress you want a refund on.
9. Returns will be inspected and picked up within 7 days of raising a return request.
10. All approved refunds will be processed within 15 working days once the mattress has been picked up for return.
11. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs related to shipping & returns of an item.
12. Sleep Ninja reserves the right to refuse the 30 nights Trial Offer to anyone associated with a mattress manufacturer/brand.
13. The final decision on refund under 30 nights Trial offer will be made by Sleep Ninja. The company reserves the complete right to refuse any request claim if it doesn’t fulfil the Terms and Conditions of the 30 nights Trial Offer.
14. Disputes, if any, are subject to Mumbai jurisdiction only.


  • Do not place the mattress on an uneven base. Doing so will lead the mattress to sag and will not give sufficient support to body.
  • Avoid placing the mattress in standing position, roll, bend, or compress it. Doing so can damage the foam core.
  • Do not expose mattress to water or liquid of any kind. Use of a mattress protector is recommended.

Unpacking your Sleep Ninja Mattress

1. Firstly, open the box that is meant for transit damage and remove the mattress carefully.
2. Cut open the internal plastic cover with the cutter provided, that is for protecting it from any rain or other elements.
3. Place the mattress on the bed, keeping the white side up.
4. Cut open the mattress plastic cover, with the mattress cutter provided with the mattress, and allow the mattress to expand.