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1. How does a Sleep Ninja Mattress feel like?
Sleep Ninja mattress is a perfect combination of softness and firmness. The specially crated layers of the Sleep Ninja mattress provide balanced support, which makes it suitable for most people.
2. Can you describe Sleep Ninja’s firmness?
Sleep Ninja mattresses are designed by the master of Zen! Hence, it’s assured to be plush on top while remaining supportive. Thus, your Memory Support mattress is the perfect medium soft mattress.
3. How long will the mattress take to expand?
Once you have unboxed the mattress, after you finish the unboxing process, 70% of your mattress will take its shape within the 10 minutes of unwrapping and can be used straight away. However, it would take an additional 12 – 15 hours for the mattress to completely expand.
4. Do I need to flip the Sleep Ninja mattresses?
The Sleep Ninja Orthopedic mattress is designed to be a non-flip mattress. Hence you don’t have any hassles in terms of flipping it. However, if you find yourself consistently sleeping on one side of the bed, you can turn the mattress to even out wear. The Dual Mattress is designed to be used both sides. As per your comfort you can choose the soft or firm side and flip the mattress as per your preference.
5. Why is this mattress cheaper than other brands?
Your Sleep Ninja Mattress is shipped to you directly from the company. Saving costs of middlemen like distributors and retailers. Hence, you get a premium mattress is lowest costs possible.
6. How do I compare the Sleep Ninja mattress to the mattresses available in the store?
You can check the prices of other mattress with a similar combination in the store, which is pure foam with memory foam and HR foam. This will help you get clarity on your purchase.
7. Can the mattress be placed on the floor?
There won’t be any change in comfort if you place your Sleep Ninja Mattress on the floor. However, we recommend you to put it on a base for hygiene purpose.
8. How much time does it take to adjust to a new mattress?
The human body can take up to 14 days to adjust to a new mattress. However, we are sure that you will fall in love with your Sleep Ninja mattress even before that!
9. How long will my mattress last?
If used with proper care, your Sleep Ninja Mattress can last up to 10 years!
10. What’s the difference between purchase on any e-commerce website and on Sleep Ninja website?
In case you order the Sleep Ninja mattress through our official website, all customer support will be handled by Sleep Ninja. However, in case of orders through other e-commerce websites, all customer service including returns and exchange, will go through that particular e-commerce website’s customer support. Also, all purchases made through Sleep Ninja website offers a 30 days trial period. Having said that, we are always here to help with general questions.
11. How to order a customised mattress?
For a customised bed, firstly take accurate measurement of your bed by using the measuring guide, Then please mention the size, while placing your order. We will get in touch with you post ordering for re-confirmation. For any queries you can always write to us on support@sleepninja.co.in.
12. What if I order a wrong size mattress?
We insist that you check the size of your mattress properly before ordering. If you have measured your cot incorrectly and placed the wrong order, we will have to retrieve the same, and then ship a replacement mattress, causing extra charges and undue delays for you. In case you haven’t found the answer for your question, please feel free to contact us our customer support will be happy to help you. Contact: Sleep Ninja