How to keep your sleep routine on track while WFH

Is working from home affecting your sleep pattern? Sleep Ninja is here to tell you exactly what to keep an eye on, and how to keep things on track.

Working from home in many ways reduces the need for such a rigid bedtime and wake up time, in part because you no longer have a commute to contend with. This often means we get a slight lie-in, which sounds great, but it can mess with our bedtimes too.
It can also be hard to wind down and fall asleep at night time when you’ve been at home all day. Fresh air, exercise, and social interaction all play a part in helping us to feel ‘tired enough’ to sleep.

Another factor is the lack of separation between our work and our rest times. It can be hard enough to switch off from work as it is, but at least with a commute, there is the physical separation from your work computer and home.

So how do you get a healthy sleep schedule back, so you can sleep better for a productive day!

Wake up and go to bed at the same time every day as this helps to regulate our sleep pattern. Yes, this may be tempting to break, but if you want to practice healthy sleeping habits, it’s up there.

We must stick to normal working hours, not being tempted to work later in the evening, as this can stop us from being able to effectively switch off. Another thing we can try and maintain is our regular meal times. Changes to our food routines can really impact our Circadian Rhythm. Keeping things stable within our diets helps our bodies to maintain a sense of normality and know when bedtime and wake up time should be.

As well as routine, the key is to keep stress levels down as much as possible in order to sleep effectively. Cortisol, the stress hormone, is known to impact our sleep, meaning it’s crucial to find ways to keep it down. This can understandably be tough during this stressful time, but there are ways you can help yourself, namely by exercising. Working out is a great time to get rid of my excess cortisol, which you need to burn off if you want to avoid feeling agitated and stressed. Staying away from your phone two hours before bedtime, taking a bath, and winding down with a hot drink can all help with winding down, as can a relaxing pillow spray.
In short, sticking to your routine and attempting to suppress excess stress really can help you to keep your sleep patterns on track while working from home.